Animal's Nutrition

Consistency in Our Products

We know that there is a significant variation of nutrient values in a single raw material available in our market. These variations will be carried forward in the products made at different times, even if their formula remains the same. This will lead to inconsistency in product from batch to batch. Therefore, at DOABA, we have a very aware and strict quality protocol, put to purpose by qualified and dedicated professionals who look out for these variations and weed out inconsistencies. Such a rigorous quality enforcement process has been developed on scientifically precise parameters and control. Our state-of-the-art Research Lab follows up on an unsparing SOP that enforces a multi-stage physical, chemical, and NRI testing of the source ingredients and their blends. For a business that can be affected by many variables, DOABA ensures that the dairy farmers, at least, do not have to worry about the nutrition provided to their animals. Batch-after-batch, every DOABA product will unfailingly fulfill its promise to the farmer and his animal.

"Pashu Swasth toh Karobaar Swasth”

Healthy Farm Animals lead to a Healthier Business


Control on Afla-Toxins is not possible without comprehensive testing. If it’s going to take testing a thousand samples, we will test even more! Right from day one of its operation, Paras Nutrition put in place a stringent testing protocol for Afla-Toxin levels in all incoming feed ingredients. This not only helped in rejecting ingredients with high Afla-Toxin content but also helped in identifying material carrying a high risk of Afla-Toxins contamination. Our Procurement and Quality Assurance teams worked together on identifying and training selected vendors for some of these raw materials to contain the risk. All material whose suppliers could not be found were eliminated from the feed altogether.

Ground-up Development of India’s Most Comprehensive SCM Around Afla-Toxin Control.

In times when awareness of Afla-Toxin and its implications were not acknowledged and acted upon, DOABA was a welcome departure. We put in place, the most intensive Supply Chain Management module – exhaustive in its scope and unsparing in its deployment.

Large Scale AT Awareness Program: Afla-Toxin can enter a farm that utilizes Afla-Toxin compliant feed. This can happen via silage and other foods. We instituted a wide awareness drive, equipped with farmer outreach, one-on-one contact, seminars, talks, in-factory visits by farmers for the simple purpose of making them aware. We have been helped by associates and milk-aggregators who pay a higher value for Afla-Toxin controlled milk. Alongside all these measures, our social media handles keep disseminating information and process knowledge continuously. We stand for a 360-degree aware approach to control Afla-Toxin at its very source.

Special Control on High-risk Ingredients: Some ingredients are more susceptible to aflatoxin contamination. As a matter of principle, we do not just mention ingredient names, e.g. groundnut, maize, etc., on our packs and collaterals, but go the extra yard in specifying that the said ingredients have passed scrutiny and testing of the highest possible standard.

Latest Technology. Able Technicians. And an Eye on Tomorrow!

Being pioneers of modern-day animal feed & supplements and the torchbearers of the evolution of dairy management itself, we are in a privileged place. In that, we see and envision the next course of development. As our world changes, newer challenges — placed by nature, climate, and even consumer behaviour — will come to define the dairy business. Our learning and innovation are spearheaded by a dedicated in-house laboratory that keeps a tab on the times and presses ahead for bettering the way we do things, every single day. For that, we have equipped it with expansive research capability and the very latest instrumentation. We review and re-evaluate needs — outside and within so that we are fully equipped and promptly effective at any given time.

State-of-the-Art Facility and R&D

Our manufacturing facility has been designed to minimize wastage and maximize quality & consistency. Our background in developing and operating a food facility certainly came in handy and we have followed the same principles of HACCP & food safety while constructing the DOABA manufacturing facility. This gives us and our customers immense confidence in the quality of the products coming out from our facility. We have always had an “open kitchen” policy and not only allow but actively encourage visits of farmers to our premises. If you are a dairy farmer and wish to learn more about our manufacturing process, you are welcome to be our guest!

Protein Energy Minerals & Vitamins (PEMV)

These nutrients are the building blocks of animal’s health and productivity. Balancing them according to the requirements of the animal is of utmost importance. The imbalance of these nutrients leads to improper BCS (Body Condition Score).

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