Better Health

The DOABA Belief

For the long-term prosperity of a dairy farm, it’s important that a dairy animal’s performance is derived from the equally long-term health efficiency of the animal. More and better-quality milk, better disease resistance, and timely reproduction are all hinged on the animal’s ability to withstand stress easily and remain in robust physical condition. This belief is central to our philosophy…

"Pashu Swasth toh Karobaar Swasth”

Healthy Farm Animals lead to a Healthier Business

The feeding of dairy animals should not be done only to fill the rumen or increasing milk production but to provide all the necessary nutrition that brings about better health in the animals. Animals’ nutritional needs vary with breed, size, age, life-stages, and environments. For instance, the requirement of lactating animals will be entirely different from that of an animal in the dry stage in terms of nutrients required for that specific period. DOABA combines a keen understanding of animals’ needs with scientific acumen and innovation, thereby creating a range of feed products and supplements that complement all life stages and conditions of animals. Regular use of our products will ultimately yield better milk production, performance, and health for your animals.

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Good disease resistance can be expected only from well-managed and well-nourished animals. Nutrition, especially trace minerals and vitamins, is known to play important role in developing immunity.

The Immunity of the animal is broadly affected by 2 factors:
  • Internal factors –including any genetic factors which affect immunity.
  • External factors –including nutrition, environment, mycotoxins, etc. Mycotoxins in feed and fodder are an important factor that affects immunity. Mycotoxins produced by the invading fungi can suppress immunity, thereby increasing the infectivity of the fungus. Moreover, due to the immune-suppressing effects of mycotoxins, increased incidence of disease or atypical diseases may be observed.
  • Biosecurity

    Biosecurity can be a make-or-break factor when it comes to the economic viability of the livestock operation. Therefore, planning for biosecurity must be made right at the start of the dairy farm project. The said project plan must include the following:

  • The layout of buildings and barns so as to restrict outside vehicles and visitors to a predetermined limited area
  • Disinfection of vehicles and personal protective covers for visitors at the time of entry
  • Quarantine protocol and quarantine area away from the farm for all incoming animals
  • Vaccination

    “Keep an eye on the Vaccination Schedule. You animals depend on you!”
    Sr. No. Name of Disease Age at first dose Booster dose Subsequent dose
    1 Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) 4 months and above 1 month after first dose Six monthly
    2 Haemorrhagic Septicaemia (HS) Septicaemia (HS) 6 months and above --------- Annually in endemic areas
    3 Black Quarter (BQ) 6 months and above --------- Annually in endemic areas
    4 Brucellosis 4-8 months of age (Only female calves) --------- Once in a lifetime
    5 Theileriosis 3 months of age and above --------- Once in a lifetime. Only required for crossbred and exotic cattle.
    6 *Anthrax 4 months and above --------- Annually in endemic areas
    7 IBR 3 months and above 1 month after first dose Six monthly (vaccine presently not produced in India)
    8 Rabies (Post bite therapy only) Immediately after suspected bite 4th day 7,14,28 and 90 (optional) days after first dose.
    Do consult your local veterinarian or the Animal Husbandry Department.

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