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Corral Cattle Feed is your trusted partner for boosting milk production in a straightforward way.

We focus on creating top-notch feeds that give your dairy cows the nutrition they need.

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Our secret?

Animal's Nutrition

We carefully pick high-quality ingredients and blend them just right to make sure the feed meets the specific needs of your cows. We use the latest research and top-notch manufacturing processes to guarantee quality in every batch. We're not just about selling feed – we're about supporting farmers. Our team collaborates with nutritionists and vets to stay on top of the latest knowledge. This means our feed is always up-to-date and tailored to different cattle breeds. We believe in sharing knowledge too. We provide farmers with useful information on the best feeding practices. It's not just about more milk; it's about keeping your cows healthy and making dairy farming more efficient and profitable.Choose Corral Feeds for reliable, simple, and effective solutions. We're here to help you increase milk production, ensure your cattle's well-being, and make your dairy farm thrive.


Welcome to Doaba Feed and Oil Mills - Your Partner in Livestock Well-being!