A Pledge to make Aflatoxin Control Feed

Since day one of Corral Feed, we have pledged to make our feed toxin controlled, so that every single drop of milk produced from a Corral Feed consuming cow becomes safe for our children.

Doaba Feed and Oil Mills launched its brand “Corral” on the pledge to make it a Aflatoxin controlled feed. Since its launch in 2007, Doaba Feed and oil mills were among the few feed millers to make Aflatoxin controlled feed. Being a pioneer in Aflatoxin controlled feed, today we see many other feed companies are coming up with Aflatoxin controlled feed and following up footsteps.

The commitment to give Aflatoxin controlled feed, needs testing, correct raw material sourcing and this involves additional cost, but we live by our pledge of giving Aflatoxin controlled feed.

Controlling Aflatoxin is a very tedious job and is not possible without comprehensive testing. Every incoming sample is tested for Aflatoxin levels and if levels are found above acceptable level we reject entire truck load, which is why many vendors don’t reach out to us but in our pursuit of commitment for “safer milk production”, we do not compromise on our quality procurement. Doaba Feeds and Oil Mills, put in place a stringent testing protocol for Aflatoxin levels in all incoming feed ingredients. Our Procurement and Quality Assurance teams work together on identifying and training selected vendors for some of these raw materials to contain the risk. All material whose suppliers could not be found were eliminated from the feed altogether