Better Reproduction

The DOABA Belief

A miracle of nature – one farm animal becomes two! It’s the ultimate joy and wish fulfillment for the hardworking dairy farmer. There isn’t a better example of the organic growth of a business. It’s important that your farm animal is at her healthiest when she goes into pregnancy. The pregnancy needs to be timely and successful. Then after the delivery of the offspring, you need to ensure a safe return of the mother to her best health. What’s more, you must also help create a calf that surpasses its mother when it grows up and increases the productivity of the farm.

DOABA, make the products and supplements that enable peak reproductive performance. We also help farmers in understanding the whole process of animal reproductivity and its effective management.

"Pashu Swasth toh Karobaar Swasth”

Healthy Farm Animals lead to a Healthier Business

Reproduction Management

Infertility/repeat breeding happen to be the single largest reason for economic losses of our farmers. Unfortunately, the incidence of such cases is increasing with increased milk productivity. But this problem can be solved by following proper management ethics and by administering a balanced feed regimen.

Nutrients Management

Lack of good quality feed and fodder leads to repeat breeding. A balanced feed should fulfill all requirements — energy, protein, RDP/UDP balancing, and fat — so that animals do not enter a ‘negative energy balance.’ These nutrients are required to get higher and better-quality milk production and optimum reproduction.

Infection Management

The uterine environment encourages normal embryonic development. Hence, any disorders or defects like uterine infections, endometritis, pyometra, metritis, etc. adversely affect the survival of the embryo causing embryonic death. Our Technical Team educates you on how to avoid such calamities.

Minerals Management

Most feeds lack essential vitamins and minerals, especially, trace minerals. Some of the trace minerals may not directly impact milk production but will affect the health and reproduction of the animals. Keeping this in mind, DOABA feed variants are supplemented with necessary trace minerals in sufficient quantity to meet the requirements of the animal.

Pregnancy Management

Only good quality feed will not suffice for better reproductive results. Good pregnancy management practices must also be followed on the farm. Even then, emergencies may suddenly come calling. For this purpose, we have the DOABA Technical Team, available for you 24*7. We are here to guide you on best practices such as timely detection of an animal in heat, determining a proper time for AI, correct method of thawing the semen, etc. We are here to make you aware of things to expect and prepare for in advance.

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