Aflatoxin Controlled Feed

“Our children trust us for that glass of milk we give them. Let’s make every single drop of it… SAFE!”

Paras Nutritions founded its brand, DOABA, on this singular governing principle. As makers, we owe our very raison d’etre to this founding mission statement. DOABA, in the year 2012, became the first manufacturer of an Afla-Toxin controlled cattle feed. Today, we are happy to see other feed companies follow in our footsteps — the betterment of our lives ought to be our collective journey and its destination.

The Devotion to an Ethical Cause

Testing, Testing, & More Testing

Control on Afla-Toxins is not possible without comprehensive testing. If it’s going to take testing a thousand samples, we will test even more! Right from day one of its operation, Paras Nutrition put in place a stringent testing protocol for Afla-Toxin levels in all incoming feed ingredients. This not only helped in rejecting ingredients with high Afla-Toxin content but also helped in identifying material carrying a high risk of Afla-Toxins contamination. Our Procurement and Quality Assurance teams worked together on identifying and training selected vendors for some of these raw materials to contain the risk. All material whose suppliers could not be found were eliminated from the feed altogether.

Ground-up Development of India’s Most Comprehensive SCM Around Afla-Toxin Control

In times when awareness of Afla-Toxin and its implications were not acknowledged and acted upon, DOABA was a welcome departure. We put in place, the most intensive Supply Chain Management module – exhaustive in its scope and unsparing in its deployment.

Large Scale AT Awareness Program

Afla-Toxin can enter into a farm that utilizes Afla-Toxin compliant feed. This can happen via silage and other foods. We instituted a wide awareness drive, equipped with farmer outreach, one-on-one contact, seminars, talks, in-factory visits by farmers for the simple purpose of making them aware. We have been helped by associates and milk-aggregators who pay a higher value for Afla-Toxin controlled milk. Alongside all these measures, our social media handles keep disseminating information and process knowledge continuously. We stand for a 360-degree aware approach to control Afla-Toxin at its very source.

Special Control on High-risk Ingredients

Some ingredients are more susceptible to aflatoxin contamination. As a matter of principle, we do not just mention ingredient names, e.g. groundnut, maize etc., on our packs and collaterals, but go the extra yard in specifying that the said ingredients have passed scrutiny and testing of the highest possible standard.

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